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About us

Infomedia Press Limited is listed on Bombay Stock Exchange (Scrip Code: 509069) and National Stock Exchange of India Ltd (Scrip Code: INFOMEDIA). The Company had ceased its operations in the year 2012-13 due to commercial unviability, and as such the Company has no business operations since then.


Mr. Lalit Kumar Jain – Independent, Non Executive Chairman
Ms. Kshipra Jatana – Non-Executive Director
Mr. Ratnesh Rukhariyar – Non Executive Director
Mr. Ramesh Kumar Damani – Non Executive Director
Mr. Karanvir Singh Gill – Non Executive Director
Mr. Vivek Jain – Independent Director

  • Composition of Committees of Board of Directors

  • Chief Financial Officer : Mr. Ketan Kishore Ravesia

    Company Secretary : Ms. Tasneem Cementwala

    Registrar & Transfer Agent:
    KFin Technologies Limited
    Contact Person: Mr. V. Balakrishnan, Vice President
    Selenium Tower B, 6th floor, Plot 31-32, Gachibowli,
    Financial District, Nanakramguda, Hyderabad – 500 032
    Toll free No.1800 309 4001
    Email id: implinvestor@kfintech.com
    Website: www.kfintech.com



    Mr. Lalit Kumar Jain, M Com, LL. B, F.C.S, is a Practicing Company Secretary. He has around three decades of experience in Corporate Laws, having worked in senior positions with large corporates like Escorts and Jubilant Life Sciences. He retired in January 2015 as Senior Vice President and Company Secretary of Jubilant Life Sciences Limited. During his 10 year stint with Jubilant, the Company won Golden Peacock Global Award for Corporate Governance in 1997 and again in 2014. Mr. Jain is for the third time, a member of Secretarial Standards Board of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). Earlier, he had been a member of Expert Advisory Board of ICSI to advise members on corporate laws. He has also been a member of several Core Groups and committees constituted by ICSI from time to time. He has spoken at several conferences and seminars in India and abroad. He has also given lectures at Master class for Directors conducted by the Institute of Directors and is a prolific writer, his articles have been published in several leading professional journals.

    Mr. Lalit Kumar Jain joined the Board of the Company as an Independent Director on October 9, 2015.


    Ms. Kshipra Jatana is Group General Counsel and oversees legal operations and regulatory matters for all group businesses and joint ventures including A+E Networks, TV18, Viacom18 and Indiacast. Earlier, she has been the Head, Legal for the Group’s news networks and General Counsel at Capital18, the group’s investment arm where she was responsible for deal structuring, legal and compliance for its portfolio investments. She brings with her 24 years of work experience in the legal advisory and corporate law space. Prior to joining Network18, she was the General Counsel/Head of M&A at MIH India and has also worked with Star TV and AZB & Partners in the past. She holds a degree in law & sociology from the University of Delhi.

    Ms. Kshipra Jatana joined the Board of the Company as Non Executive Director on March 25, 2015.


    Mr. Ratnesh Rukhariyar is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India and is having rich professional experience of more than 15 years. Mr. Rukhariyar has been with Reliance Group for more than 5 years. He is having hands on experience in the fields of Corporate Secretarial, Governance, Merger & Acquisitions, Corporate Laws, Investor Relations, Compliances and Corporate matters.

    Mr. Ratnesh Rukhariyar joined the Board of the Company as Non Executive Director on April 15, 2017.


    Mr. Ramesh Kumar Damani is the Group Chief Financial Officer of Network18 Media & Investments Limited and TV18 Broadcast Limited (Network18 Group). Mr. Damani is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary and has a rich professional experience of close to 25 years in the fields of fields of Finance, Taxation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Planning, Corporate Laws and Corporate Strategy. He has been with Reliance for 12 years and since October 2015 has been overseeing the finance function of the Network18 group.

    Mr. Ramesh Kumar Damani joined the Board of the Company as Non Executive Director on April 22, 2020.


    Mr. Karanvir Singh Gill is a corporate lawyer with more than 13 years of experience and holds a B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) degree. He has extensive experience in the Corporate Laws, including Mergers, Acquisitions, Capital Market, venture capital and private equity financing and policy matters. Prior to joining the Network18 Group, Karanvir had been with top tier law firms in India – AZB & Partners and Khaitan & Co.

    Mr. Karanvir Singh Gill joined the Board of the Company as Non Executive Director on April 22, 2020.


    Mr. Vivek Jain is a fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He is a Practicing Chartered Accountant with rich experience of over 23 years in field of managing corporate finance and auditing large conglomerates. He has extensive experience in taxation, consultancy, accounting and secretarial activities. He has successfully represented various corporates before the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) and Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals). Over the years, Mr. Jain has advised a number of domestic and international companies on tax, transfer pricing, labour laws, industrial laws, issues relating to corporate tax, mergers and restructurings, goods and service tax (GST), and others.

    Mr. Vivek Jain joined the Board of the Company as an Independent Director on September 24, 2020.